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What is a virtual assistant? How to become a virtual assistant ?

What is a virtual assistant? How to become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is hired to perform administrative and secretarial work for one or more clients. Virtual assistants are usually self-employed, work remotely, and typically wear many different hats throughout the day. For example, VAs can be independent contractors, employees of an organization or a group of organizations that contract out their services, or even employees of a virtual assistant company.

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Virtual assistants usually focus on administrative support tasks such as email management, calendar coordination, managing social media accounts and phone calls, or scheduling executive meetings. VAs can also be business coaches, financial managers, or personal aides to clients.

VAs work from anywhere in the world at any time of day,

How to become a virtual assistant

The first thing you need to do is start by choosing a platform that you want to work on. Many companies Want virtual assistant services, and it is pretty easy to choose one. We highly recommend that you read the service’/provider’s website and even ask your friends who have experience working as a VA for another company.

There are a few steps to take if you want to become a virtual assistant:

Sign up for a freelance website

These platforms offer a place where you can find jobs of all categories related to virtual assistance. All the best services are listed on Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and other websites that allow users to post their projects and choose candidates among those who applied. All these websites have similar features, but there are also some differences. One of the most important features is that on Upwork and Freelancer, you will be able to find VA jobs and regular freelancing gigs, so you can work as a virtual assistant or choose another position if it satisfies you more.

Create your portfolio

The second thing that all providers require from virtual assistants is to create a portfolio. It should include projects you’ve worked on as a virtual assistant and samples of your work – preferably in writing or design (depending on the type of services you are going to offer). And as far as possible, try not to get personal with your clients – otherwise, it can ruin both your reputation and theirs.

Get professional equipment

When you get a virtual assistant job, your employer will need to see what tools you can use. We recommend getting a computer and Internet connection that meet high-quality standards. You must also have an app for phone calls since many clients use this way of communication with VA’s. It is even better if the company you work for provides you with a laptop and a phone.

Build your brand

It is important to have a website that will allow people to learn more about you and see samples of your previous work. If you don’t have time or money to create it yourself, take the help of professionals – web developers and graphic designers. Many providers are willing to not just create a website for you but also maintain it.

Work as much as possible.

If you want to make money as a virtual assistant, the main thing is to work with people who pay and treat you well. Some employers will offer their VA jobs exclusively, so try to get hired by them (it is not a difficult task if you have high-quality samples of your work). We recommend working as much as possible with companies that pay well and provide bonuses.

Skills Require to Become A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?

Basic computer skills:

A basic understanding of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), the ability to perform online research, and proficiency in social media management are all job requirements. There is also a need for VAs to be self-disciplined with proven organizational skills or software training to assist in this area.


In most cases, there is a heavy workload for VAs, and it’s common to work on multiple projects simultaneously. While VAs can have an assistant to help them manage their time and tasks, many choose to do so without assistance. Therefore, strong multitasking skills are essential.

Ability to meet deadlines:

This is one of the most important requirements for a VA, as it’s critical to satisfying client expectations. A VA’s workload may vary depending on clients’ needs; however, VAs must learn how to prioritize while also meeting each deadline.

Ability to communicate clearly and professionally:

Virtual assistants should communicate information in emails and over the phone or through instant messaging. This is critical, especially when a time difference exists between the VA and their clients. A virtual assistant should also be able to conduct business professionally with professionalism in the manner of speech and dress.

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How much money can virtual assistants make?

It depends on the type of work they are doing and the country they are living in. On average, it’s about $5,000 a year. As a rule of thumb, VAs in the United States tend to earn higher than others. They can reach $20/hour or even more, depending on their skills and experience.

Virtual assistants don’t usually get benefits such as sick leave, paid vacation time, or any other benefits that employees with “regular” jobs might have. Of course, some companies offer these types of benefits to their virtual assistants, but they’re in the minority.

Virtual assistants usually work on a per-project basis or are paid hourly.

The good thing about the job is that you can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.

The pay is also pretty good, but it depends on the clients. The ones that work from home can earn up to $100+ per hour. But, of course, these are high-level VAs with many experience and advanced skills in specific areas like social media management or SEO.

To become a successful virtual assistant means you have to learn as many skills as possible. That will allow you to raise your hourly rates and negotiate better contract terms with your clients.

These are a few of the most popular virtual assistant skills:

– Social media management – managing social content for businesses.

– Web design – creating websites for customers.

– Online research – conducting search-engine optimization (SEO)

– Writing – editing or proofreading documents, writing e-books or web content, crafting newsletters and press releases.

– Data entry – typing information into a computer system.

– Customer service – answering questions over email or the phone for customers, conducting research, scheduling appointments and meetings, taking and making phone calls.


Virtual assistants are in high demand because they can do what most people cannot. They can work remotely, which means that you don’t need to relocate or commute a long distance every day. In addition, virtual assistant skills cover more than just customer service and social media management. You could be doing web design, data entry, or writing for your clients! These jobs may not pay as much as higher-level VA positions. However, it is still possible to earn up to $100+ per hour with enough experience and expertise in specific areas like SEO or Social Media Management. If this sounds interesting and appealing, then why wait? Start doing your research now and find out if becoming a virtual assistant is for you.

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