Food cooking background. Fresh organic vegetables, ingredients, spices and meat for warm autumn soup on vintage kitchen table with rustic wooden cutting board. Top view, place for text. Domestic cooking and eating concept

15 Easy And Different Ways of Cooking food

Different Ways of Cooking food

The term cooking refers to the art and science of preparing food for consumption with heat.There are many Ways of Cooking food. The most common method is boiling or roasting, but there are also many others, such as baking and frying.

Cooking practice is as old as human culture, [and] may have originated when humans began cooking over campfires (or fires built inside their caves). Many cultures have legends passed down through oral history about the origin of the fire and the various methods by which cooking was discovered.

Food cooking background. Fresh organic vegetables, ingredients, spices and meat for warm autumn soup on vintage kitchen table with rustic wooden cutting board. Top view, place for text. Domestic cooking and eating concept

Cooking techniques depend upon various factors, including geographical location and the skill and training an individual cook has. Cooking may involve cutting raw food into smaller pieces for processing or combining ingredients in various ways.

The advent of cooking appliances and techniques for transporting food has changed cooking methods and the ingredients used, thereby providing new options for an ever-increasing number of cultures.

Cooking can be a time-consuming process requiring preparation. In addition, it often requires multitasking since food usually be prepared in several steps: dressing (such as marinating), preparation of cooking utensils, and the actual cooking itself.

Individuals or families usually do cooking in their own homes. However, cooking can also occur in restaurants, and other food establishments provided the process is under control.

So what are you waiting for? Here you can learn 15 Different Ways of Cooking food.

  1. Frying
  2. Baking
  3. Grilling
  4. Griddling
  5. Sautéing
  6. Pan Frying
  7. Grilling and Broiling
  8. Roasting
  9. Braising
  10. Steaming
  11. Barbecuing
  12. Smoking
  13. Poaching
  14. Microwaving
  15. Simmering


Frying a famous way of cooking.

Frying is a technique where food is cooked in hot oil. For example, cooking vegetables with butter or olive oil creates a delicious and healthy side dish. Frying can also be done with animal fats such as lard. The fat adds flavor to fried foods and prevents the surface of its food from becoming dry.

French fries or potato chips deep frying in oil in a commercial metal fryer in a restaurant as an accompaniment to meals


Is a cooking technique where foods are cooked by exposure to dry heat in an oven. Baking generally takes longer than frying because food is cooking at a lower temperature, usually 300 degrees or more. However, the result is usually moist and tender food that has browned on the surface.

Happy girl enjoying baking


Grilling is a type of cooking technique where food is cooked over an open fire. Meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits can all be grilled. Grilled food is often browned on the surface with a firmer texture than fried foods.

Summer barbecue. Meat BBQ with herbs and vegetables. Outdoor grill food


This cooking technique utilizes a metal grill that has been heated over an open flame or electric element. The food is placed directly on the grill for it to cooks and browns on the surface. Griddled foods have a similar appearance to grilled food but do not require fire.

Close up of chef flame grilling a burger on a hot griddle.


This cooking technique uses a small amount of hot oil to cook vegetables and other foods quickly over high heat in a pan. Sautéing is different from sauteing because it utilizes rapid tossing. However, this method of cooking leaves food with a browned surface and tender interior.

Sautéing way of cooking food

Pan Frying:

When a small amount of oil is used for cooking foods such as meat and fish, the process is known as pan-frying. Pan-fried food has a crisp outer layer that contrasts with the soft inner part of the food. This method of cooking usually calls for just a single serving at a time. The cooking process also results in a small amount of excess fat that can be used for other cooking purposes.

Cook is fry vegetables with spices and sauce in a wok on a flame. Cooking process in an Asian restaurant.

Grilling and Broiling:

These two food preparation methods are similar, but grilling is usually done over an open flame while broiling uses an electric element to achieve the same level of heat. As a result, grilled and broiled foods are often browned on the surface and have a moist, tender interior. In addition, grilled food may contain fatty drippings that can be used for other purposes.

Close-up of tilapia fillets on a broiling pan. Recipe for healthy home dinner or lunch.


This is another method of cooking that relies on dry heat to produce soft and tender meats or vegetables. Roasting involves extended periods of exposure to heat at an elevated temperature and called for frequent basting with a liquid such as butter or olive oil. The result is food that has been browned on the surface and left very tender inside.

Baked whole chicken with apples in pan on wooden rustic background. Served on wooden board. Christmas chicken.


Like roasting, braising relies on dry heat to cook food. Unlike roasting, however, the foods being braised are placed in a closed cooking vessel. Water is used to create steam and moisture, which adds flavour and tenderizes the food.

Braised cabbage with a meat. Selective focus


This cooking method uses a pot with a lid that includes holes to be covered partially. The pot has water inside that steams from the bottom when an electrical element or fire heats it up. Steamed foods are often tender and moist. They can be served whole or cut into smaller pieces.

steam over pan on electric stove in kitchen

Barbecuing enjoyable way of cooking food.

This method of cooking involves slow-roasting meat in a covered grill over an open flame. The word barbecue comes from the Spanish language and resembles another common cooking technique called barbequing, which is done on an outdoor grill that is relatively close to the ground. However, barbecued foods are covered, so the food inside gets cooked with smoke and heat from the grill.

Chef preparing burgers at the barbecue outdoors enjoyable way of cooking


This cooking technique involves slow roasting of meat in a grill or in a smoking box for several hours. The process uses smoke to flavour food and leaves it tender because it was cooked over an open flame at a relatively low temperature. Smoking is also done as a curing process to preserve food for future use.

Barbiquing sousage on hot grill with plenty of smoke

Poaching a laxury way of cooking food

This cooking method uses a liquid that is not very hot, and the food is cooked in it for a short period of time. Poached foods are usually tender and moist, with a pink colour on the surface. The flavour may be enhanced by the poaching liquid that can be used as a sauce or soup base.

Delicious poached eggs with bacon on a toasted bread luxury food cooking way


This cooking method uses microwaves to cook foods in a short amount of time. Microwave ovens use high-frequency energy waves that penetrate through the surface of food and then heat the interior. Foods cooked by microwave usually have incredibly tender interiors.

side view of smiling woman in shirt using microwave in kitchen another Way of Cooking food


This type of cooking involves using water at a temperature that is just below boiling. It creates steam and lets flavours blend together while leaving the food tender and moist. A simmering liquid can be used as a base for other dishes or in savoury sauces.

Way of Cooking food Ways of Cooking food

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